Sunday, May 27, 2012

Milking it the white stuff that’s the right stuff in the pantry

Milk isn’t the most exciting beverage, neither does it lack recognition .Despite its popularity faded through time . that was until the ‘ Got Milk ? ‘ campaing . After a 20 – year slump in campaign was launched in 1993 . From the Powerpuff  Girls to Kate Moss , the iconic milk moustache they spoted in the ads pushed milk into the spotlight again .

To say that the ceamy white beverage is the drink of champions would be an understatement – Genghis Khan ‘ s warriors reportedly created powdered milk while Marco Polo records that the strong Tartar armies powered up on a fermented from of mare ‘ s milk .

No story about milk would be complete without harping on its nutritional value . Firstly . if , in old age , you don’t want to look like a giant walking pretezel , save yourself  from osteoporosis by chungging on milk now . Also , While it seems absurb that Cleopatra took baths in milk to beauty her skin , the fact , that it was her beauty that brought the Roman Empire to its knees is testament that it works here ‘ s how : dissolve one litre of milk in warm bath water and soak in it .

Does soy milk contain less calcium?

Natural soy milk contains only 200 mg calcium per liter – six tmes less than cow ‘s milk . howerer , most soy milks are fortitied with extra calcium , to a level of 1,200 mg per liter , to bring it to par with cow ‘s milk .